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Natural interior paint with graphene.
Natural matte finish.

Siena is a natural paint with graphene technology for interiors with natural matte finish. Ideal to decorate interiors creating environments with harmony in your home, ensuring the breathability and healthiness of the building. The pigmentation is presented in Toner of 50ml and 250ml offered in 16 colours “The Colours of the Earth”.

Graphenstone Natural interior paint


Formats: 15L, 4L & 0.75L


USE Interior
YIELD 6-9 m2/L (2 coats)
DRYING 2-4 h (between coats)
24 h (total drying)
FINISH Natural matte finish
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Graphenstone-Descarga TDS Siena
  • Graphenstone Natural interior paint
  • Graphenstone Natural interior paint

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